Preparing For a Competition

Competing in BBQ championships is more than just a simple task. Just like a gardener who wants to be part of the best landscaping companies, training and preparation is important. There are many people who know how to cook barbecue but not all have exquisite recipes that are mouth-watering. Great recipes are worth sharing and they can even win big prizes in competitions.

How to Prepare for Barbecue Competitions

There are many ways to prepare for a contest. When it comes to food competitions, it is best to try different mixtures to create something that appeals to most people. For instance, when it comes to barbecue, you need to prepare the marinade and make sure that it is something uncommon. Another important factor is the area that you will be performing in, make sure you buy artificial grass if you're going to be there for a while. The type of meat that you will use is also important as some cuts and types of meat have different tastes depending on the ingredients they are treated with and how they are cooked.

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Some recipes are discovered through experimentation. Dare to try new mixes before the competition day to be able to come up with something great. Try making different barbecue marinades and make samples so you can ask opinion from other people. Their suggestions can help you come up with a mixture that can give you a bigger chance to win the contest. You can also watch cooking shows to learn techniques on how to grill better.


Most people who join BBQ championships have culinary background. Although not all good cooks come from culinary schools, you can surely learn tips from experts. Review related reading materials about cooking meats and how to achieve the kind of texture that you want. There is always a technique for every cooking method and you can learn these tricks if you are patient and eager enough to look for resources and practice them in your kitchen.

Know the Mechanics

Before you enter any competition, it is best to know what the mechanics are. Find out the criteria for judging to know which areas you need to focus to. Most BBQ championships are judged according to taste, texture and presentation so you can focus on them in order to have bigger chances of winning.

Watch BBQ Championship Videos

Watching old championship videos can help you get tips from the previous contestants as well as the judges. You can easily find videos on-line and take down notes. Once you have gathered the information that you need, you can be cautious of the things that they are looking for and the things that you should avoid.

These are just a few tips when joining BBQ championships. You can get more information by joining forums and practising your skills until you perfect your recipe. After all, it is not only about winning but also letting the world know your special BBQ blend that is extraordinary. You can also join small contests while waiting for the grand event so you can keep yourself calm and focused during the big day. As they say, practice makes perfect.